Her vivid descriptions and fun rhymes draw you in, all while she intuitively plants the seed that one must muster up the courage to face fears as a way to feel better. This is a go-to book for parents, educators and counselors alike looking to empower children to find creative
solutions to conquer their fears.”—Jennifer Perez, School Counselor, LPC
“Children of all ages can easily identify with the universal experience of having bad dreams and crying out in fear to a parent. Through a very creative narrative and rich illustrations, this book provides the young child with a plan to overcome the dreaded “nightmare bug.” What a heartwarming book with a powerful message for parents and caregivers to share with children to help with childhood nightmares.”—Cathy Gust, Pennsylvania State Teacher of the Year, 1989
book info illustrated by: Angie Hohenadel published by: Schiffer Kids publish date: 8.28.22  32 pages age range: 4-8